HARAFICA | The Gipsy Man’s Misfortune

I wandered in the landscape of White Carpathians, Slovakia and Chriby forests with four animated characters  in a non-standard intensive production (for more than two months). Sometimes it was a watercolor animated coloring book and another time the 3D design work. Almost 70 shots with dozens of locations  flow thanks to watercolor techniques  and mostly cheerful music of czech cimbalom band Harafica.


  • direction, scenario / storyboard
  • 3D characters / animation
  • environment painting / animation
  • composition / postproduction

Making the clip began with a creative assembly with guys from Harafica in their homeland near the city of Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic. With this idea came Zuzana Bahulova, executive producer of the project (film Node - Zlin) , who started everything and put us together. Involving members of the group directly in the production of the clip was pleasant variety, so I was able to draw inspiration directly "on the scene".

We prepared several "creative attractions" of non-musical type for boys from Harafica. We spent one evening with creating color effects,  smutching watercolor on paper, ink droping into the aquarium or action painting watercolors. We gained quite wide database of textures and video effects for stylization of the clip. Then I enjoyed the atmosphere and inspiration for the implementation clip in the hills and forests of Chriby and the creative marathon could begin. I used the materials  for creating animated heaven or deafult backround graphics, on which I also built in the music clip. harafica-shot04 krizovatka

The basis is always the story, screenplay. For the story I chose the classic tracking lyrics, which themselves indicate a plot and we loosely  followed them. The main character Gypsy Andrei starts out on a journey from Slovacko to Chriby forests and still meets his friends who  finally end up in a small village pub. They are all musicians, so they have so much fun. Andrei has bad luck so he doesn´t have  lack of delicate situations. His girlfriend – Erzika says: "This Misfortune smiles at you and you to her." harafica-shot02 bile-karpaty

Loosely, based on character pre-concepts created by Zuzana Bahulova, I started the next phase - creating the four actors, 3D puppets. Characters should have acted kindly and cartoon.
A lovely gypsy-woman character also appears in the lyrics. So the characters were in company of four. I named them with traditional Roma / Gypsy names:

Andrei / accordionist
Cheerful and positive person who just something nose out rate. Besides the accordion he constantly pulls the Misfortune behind himself.
harafica profil harmonikar 500 v01


Erzika /  girlfriend, dancer
She is the Andrei´s muse and often his rescuer.  She has great passion for dance and singing. She loves glittering ornaments and she is able to create them with filigree perfection by herself. harafica profil erzika 500 v01


Stefan / violinist
He is a dreamer and a perfectionist. More than wine, women and singing he just loves music.As a little boy he fell asleep only when he listened to a well-tuned violin.
harafica profil houslista 500 v01


Joey / clarinetist
Ardent amateur ornithologist. He spends hours by listening to the birds in the woods.
Then he tries to imitate them vainly on his clarinet.
harafica profil klarinetista 500 v01

I didn´t have much time  for  "breathing life" into the characters,, so finally it's a simplified animation shortcut ala naive cartoon puppet. The creation of the storyboard preceded relization
of animated scenes, where we make a clear story and the clip itself. I realized environment, location and other props in the combination of 3D graphics and painting  digital watercolors.
harafica storyboard 2016 male

In animation, I tried to insert a pleasant roadmovie / summer atmosphere of various real locations. The viewer can see the landscape of the White Carpathians, he can meet 
the dominant rock Vrsatecka bradla, visit the forest nooks with old Ctibor's oak,  mysterious rock Kalisek, Buchlov Castle and Moravian villages
inspired by the  folklore architecture.  harafica-shot06 hrad-buchlov

From design of the story, creating scenarios through the creative and character animation, It was a  though job that took me over two months of intense work.Complex realization
of the music clip for cimbalom band Harafica was a great creative playground where I realized the variety of modern and classical procedures and techniques.

digital watercolor
 painting and drawing
3D animation
 montage (SFX)
Zuzana Bahulová
Jan Brukner
 "HARAFICA - The Gipsy Man’s Misfortune"
 Filmový Uzel - ZLÍN
 02/04 2016